Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Last day of camp at Vertical Horizons. The Year 5/6 team and all of the parents had a fabulous time. We look forward to going again in 2020!
The Year 5/6 Team: Vertical Horizons 2018

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Welcome to Room 6 2018

Kia ora everyone. Room 6 currently has 25 students all of whom have amazing talents and abilities. Please watch this space for more about what our class will be up to this year. 

Here we are!!!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Enviro jobs parker

          Enviro leader for room 6 is Parker Kennedy


                  Parker Kennedy has worked very hard to earn 20 enviro stickers. 
In room 6 we do enviroment jobs and we have table leaders that direct the enviroment jobs and give         
                                                            out stickers.
The person who works the hardest in doing enviroment jobs get rewarded a sticker and Parker has worked very hard to get 20 enviroment stickers which earns him a certificate, a sticker, a prize and                                           the honor of being named honory enviro leader of room 6.

                         We all look up to Parker because he is such a great role model.

                                            Written by Hannah D. and Emma E.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Govett Brewster: Animation

                                    Govett Brewster
Room 6 went on an amazing trip to Govett Brewster
to learn about Len Lye’s history and animation.
We looked at some of Len Lye’s movies and
how he created them. After the tour around Govett Brewster we made little animation strips out of paper. We put stickers on  and we also drew some picture on the paper then we put them in a zoetrope. When we spun the zoetrope around on its base, we could see the animation in action while looking through slots on the base of the machine. We had the best time!
Posted by: Jacob and Parker      



Interschool Rugby Year 5-6

Interschool Rugby Year 5-6
Year 5-6 have been playing rugby against other schools.
We have played the following schools:
St Joseph
St John Bosco
Frankley School
Coastal Taranki

We have won all of our games so far. Now we’re going to the semi finals.
We’ve scored over 60 in all of our games, Some of Oakura’s players were on Coastal for the game because they didn’t have enough players to form a team. Well done Lucas, Niwa, Owain and Zach for stepping up and having fun!
We can’t wait until the semi finals!

Posted by: Lucas and Emil

Rippa Rugby:Mixed team

  Rippa Rugby:Mixed team
On May the 9th Oakura Black,White,Red and Aces travelled to Vogeltown Park to play in a rippa rugby tournament. All the teams played really well. There were about 50 students from the year 5/6 block playing in the tournament.

At the park all the teams played 5 games to see what team was the best in each pool. The Oakura Black and White won their pools. Oakura Red was unfortunate, but still got second to St John Bosco.

Well done to all the teams! Congrats for your hard effort!:)

Posted by: Samuel

Room 6 Board Games !!!!!!

Room 6 Board Games !!!!!!


In room 6 we have been making board games to go along with our “Leisure and Pleasure” topic. We started by planning on what the board games were going to be called, how to play them and what they were going to look like. Then we started on the real thing. We got big pieces of paper and got to work! We have been having fun colouring, drawing and some of us have even been playing our fun and challenging games. Thank you for visiting room 6’s blog. I hope you enjoyed reading about the making of RM 6’S board games.
 Posted by: Isabelle